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De Warskippers | Playgroup

Playgroup De Warskippers can be found in the small, rural village of Spierdijk. The building is located next to the Jozef en Mariaschool and has its own playground. The playgroup has large glass windows and open spaces, through which the toddlers are always visible for the two permanent child care workers. We create a homely atmosphere in which every child can feel comfortable. Moreover, we offer emotional security by taking the time to get to know every child well and to guide them during conflicts.

Child care

The playgroup is opened on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:45 AM to 11:45 AM.

If you would like to know more about this location or are interested in the possibilities for your child, then please contact us.

Playing indoors

Toddlers start the day playing freely until all parents have left. After that, everyone takes place in the circle where songs will be sung or a booklet will be read, which we will also use to pay attention to the different seasons and holidays. After breaking up the circle, the children themselves are allowed to choose what they want to play with, indoors or outdoors. In the indoor playing area we have playing cushions, a large Wendy house with a slide and a kitchen for toddlers.

We have a book container, there are different toy cupboards and we have two high tables with benches. There is also the possibility to ride a bicycle indoors or to take other riding equipment out of the cupboard. Halfway during the morning we clean up the whole lot and then sit around the table to eat fruit. The toddlers drink water, eat a cookie and, when their cup is empty, they can read a booklet. After that, we will do a collective activity, such as doing arts and crafts together, or playing outdoors.

Playing outdoors

The spacious outdoor square is surrounded by nature. The toddlers are able to take small bicycles, tractors and wheelbarrows from the outside storage. There is also a mini trampoline and a fire engine. The square has a large Wendy house with a slide, two regular swings and a little one for toddlers. The outdoor square also has a big sandbox and a spring rider. If the weather is nice, the toddlers are able to eat outdoors at the three small picnic tables. Every summer we finish with a large theme party.

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