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Our vision

Every child deserves its own place within the group. We think it is important that everyone is respected as an individual. We listen to the children, accept them as they are and approach them in a positive manner. These pedagogical elements are central to our child care.

SKiK provides all children with the space to develop themselves by playing and discovering, at their own pace and in a safe environment.

We have worked out the following basic goals in our child care policy:

  • emotional safety;
  • development of personal competence;
  • development of social competence;
  • norms and values.

The child care worker is the most important instrument to attain these goals.

Read the complete child care policy for day-care centres and out-of-school care here.
Read the complete child care policy for playgroups here.

Healthy food

At SKiK we believe it is important to be conscious about healthy food. We work with a food policy, based on the guidelines of the Voedingscentrum. The products we offer the children include fresh fruit, bread and filling.


Some children need extra support. A child is incapable of full development if it is lacking a feeling of security. Child care services have an important function to signal this as well. By observing the child, the child care workers are looking at the development and wellbeing of the children in a specific way. The results of these observations are shared in the parent and development consultations. Together with the parents, we will agree on an action plan.

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