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De Krekel | OSC

OSC De Krekel consists of three mixed-age groups. The Sterren and the Manen groups offer children between 4 and 8 years old a safe place after school. At the Jupiter group, children between 8 and 12 years old are more than welcome after school.

Out-of-school care De Krekel is located in a green and picturesque environment near the local forest of Avenhorn. A spaciously designed building with all the hallmarks of a community school (‘brede school’), because all necessities can be found under one roof. This gives children enough room to learn and to play. A group will be guided by a permanent team of three to four childcare workers, two of whom will always be there.

Child care

During schooldays we pick up the children from school ourselves in one of our cars. After schooldays we are opened until 18:30 PM. During holidays and on additional days off we are opened from 7:00 AM to 18:30 PM. Pre-school care is possible at the Jozefschool and at the location Pinokkio in the Zonnengroep from 7:00 AM.

Would you like to know more about this location or are you interested in the possibilities for your child? Then please contact us.

Playing indoors

At OSC de Krekel children aged between 4 and 8 years old are placed in the Sterren or the Manen. The two groups always stay in contact with each other thanks to a shared central area. This area is attuned to the needs and ages of the children. In the kitchen next to it we cook together and teach the children to deal with certain responsibilities. When we have arrived, we all take place at the big table to discuss what we will do that afternoon. We offer the children different activities, from which they are allowed to make a choice. Our staff offers different indoor and outdoor activities based on themes that change every six weeks. The children’s developmental areas are addressed within these focused activities. There are ‘play corners’ in the various areas, including a construction corner and a dressing up corner. The children can always enjoy our enormous collection of toys and games. In the studio, children can feel like they are artists, while they can let their creativity flow at the technical or drawing tables.

The Jupiter group’s interior design is homely, so the children will feel comfortable. Because there is also a technical and an arts and crafts table, we are able to offer the older children more challenging activities. There is a wide choice of indoor activities, thanks to the construction corner, coloring table and the enormous amount of games in our games cupboard. On the couch or in the lazy chair there is room for some relaxation and gaming on the PlayStation.

Playing outdoors

For outdoor activities children are able to make use of the big asphalt square that has enough space for skeelers and waveboards. They can play together here, independently or under supervision. We often take a walk to the local forest. In our discovery/nature garden the children are able make use of the swings, a diving rack or a sandbox with a water tap, while there are enough bushes to play hide-and-seek. Our backyard has a natural design, with lots of trees and, since recently, even a kitchen garden. Supervised, the children may use the boat or the canoes in the water.

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