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De Klointjes | Playground

The playgroup offers care to children aged 2 to 4 years old. We work with permanent, experienced child care workers in the group.


The playgroup is opened on Monday morning from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and on Wednesday morning from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

If you would like to know more about this location or are interested in the possibilities for your child, then please contact us.

Playing indoors

In the collective area the toddlers are free to play until all parents have left. After saying goodbye we will take place inside a circle. During this returning ritual we sing songs and talk about the program for the day. During the circle talk, children are given the space to bring up their own stories. We also read together from one or more books. After breaking up the circle, the toddlers decide for themselves what they want to play with, such as playing on the playing cushion or messing about at our water and sand table. Would they rather like to do some puzzling, claying or drawing? There is enough room for that at the other creative tables. In the playing area the toddlers are able to use the Wendy house with a slide and house/kitchen corner. After eating fruit, there is often an arts and crafts activity, a group game, or we go play outdoors. The toddlers and pre-schoolers will also join the National Reading Breakfast. At the end of the year there is always a performance of a musical by the pupils of the primary school. Because this also requires use of the playgroup’s area, we move to the playgroup in Spierdijk for two weeks a year.

Playing outdoors

The primary school has an enormous playing square with different outdoor equipment. Here, the children are able to climb, glide, play on the swing or the seesaw, or play football or basketball on the sports field. We have the disposal of a little shed filled with various riding toys, including tractors, bicycles, wheelbarrows and much more. At the back of the square there is a “little forest” with fruit trees, chickens and a large table at which the children are able to picnic. The chickens are being taken care of by the pupils of the primary school. The eggs they have laid are being sold by the primary school. The pupils of the primary school also take care of a kitchen garden. The harvest of our biological vegetables and fruit is also sold by the primary school. We also offer workshops such as dancing for toddlers, yoga or djembé.

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