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De Keetschoppertjes | Playgroup

The playgroup offers childcare for children aged 2 to 4 years old.

Playgroup De Keetschoppertjes is located inside the Batter building in Ursem. This is a bright, new building with a light, colourful interior in a safe environment. Children’s day-care centre Figaro, out-of-school care Figaro and two primary schools (the Langereis and the Bavoschool) are also located inside the building. This already familiarizes the toddlers with a school-like environment, which makes for a smaller transition later. A group will be guided by a permanent team of three to four child care workers, two of whom will always be present.

Child care

The playgroup is opened from Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. The playgroup is closed during the holidays.

Playing indoors

Upon arrival all toddlers are allowed to play freely. During the morning we work in split groups and make handiworks at the high table. At the low table we play a game. Arts and crafts, claying, tessellating or making puzzles; it’s all possible at one of our creative tables. Different play corners have been arranged and every one has its own theme. For the handymen and handywomen we have a garage corner with tools. There is a little house with a kitchen where they can cook or play with dolls. For some rest and relaxation the toddlers are able to crawl onto one of the large cushions with a good children’s book. We have fun messing around at our water and sand table. There is enough room to build with large boxes and blocks and there is an indoor Wendy house with a slide. After playing time is over, we clean up everything together and place the chairs in a circle. We will then drink and eat something, sing a song or play a game. We think it is important for children to learn playfully. That is why we sometimes make use of the kamishibai or the puppet theatre. Through the library’s multimedia project ‘De schatkist’, the children already get to know about the digital world and learn how to deal with computers and tablets.

Outdoor activities

When we go outdoors, the toddlers will initially put on their coats themselves. If they don’t succeed, we will of course help them. Then we will line up in a long queue and go outside as if we were a train, with a different engine driver every time. Outdoors, the children are able to play in the Wendy house or make use of the available bicycles, kangaroo balls and toy cars. In the sandbox they can use the sand digger to build sand castles or to dig tunnels. There are wheelbarrows available for larger building projects. We regularly go for a walk and often bring a visit to the children’s farm. When it’s quiet, the children are playing in the nature garden of the OSC. We are also allowed to make use of the football field and the gym hall. Because it is important to us that children are in touch with nature, we work with the different seasons. We do this for instance by familiarizing the children with the different bulbs during springtime. When the bulbs are fully grown, we place them in the nature garden. This way, children learn about everything that can possibly grow in the garden.

If you would like to know more about this location or are interested in the possibilities for your child, then please contact us.


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