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’t Hummeltje, Hensbroek | PSZ

’t Hummeltje offers child care for children aged 2 to 4 years old.

Playgroup ’t Hummeltje is located next to primary school de Ark in Hensbroek. The most important goal of our playgroup is to stimulate the social and emotional development of every toddler. ‘t Hummeltje offers all children a place to grow, play and learn.

Child care

The playgroup is opened on Monday and Thursday mornings from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. We are closed during the holidays.

If you would like to know more about this location or are interested in the possibilities for your child, then please contact us.

Playing indoors

When the morning begins, all toddlers are allowed to play freely until everyone has arrived. After we have cleared up everything, we all take place in the circle. Then we will sing songs, do a dance, read an exciting story aloud or we play games in the circle. After breaking up the circle we satisfy our growling stomachs with a fruit purée. After that, it is time to go outside. Playing outdoors is very important to us. Only if the weather is really bad will we adjust our schedule and stay indoors.

The playgroup is a small but cosy space where the toddlers spend the morning together. There is a slide with bouncy castles and a Wendy house, with a real kitchen for the kitchen princes and princesses among us. On the reading couch the toddlers can read from a book, together or by themselves. At the high table as many as six children can do arts and crafts at the same time. At the three small tables the children are able to eat, puzzle or play a game. We always work from different themes such as the seasons, but we also pay attention to holidays such as Sinterklaas, Christmas and of course Mother’s and Father’s Day. We create a program around these themes, including matching handiworks, games and songs.

Playing outdoors

We have a joint outdoor playing area that we share with the primary school. This means that we need to show consideration with each other. There are trees in our green outdoor playing area where children can, for instance, hide during hide-and-seek. The children are able to ride the tractors or play football on the grass field. There is a Wendy house and a sandbox in the tiled playing area and there is plenty of space to ride a bicycle or to do some drawing with crayon on the pavement. Exercise and fresh air are important for a child, which is why we try to play outdoors as much as possible.

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