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Gepetto | DCC

Starting 17 September 2018 we also have a day-care centre in Berkhout!

Children day-care centre Gepetto consists of a group of maximally 12 children in the ages of 0 to 4 years old.

The day-care centre is, just like the playgroup and out-of-school care, located at primary school Geert Holle, so that all facilities can be found in one place.

Child care

Opening hours are from 8:00 AM to 18:30 PM during school weeks and during holidays. On the quietest days we combine the DCC with the OSC group as a family group (0-12 years old). If you want to know more about this location or are interested in the possibilities for your child, then please contact us.

Playing indoors

Every child develops in its own unique way and at its own pace. Accordingly, we pay a lot of attention to the child’s development. Regular contact between the parents and child care workers is important to us, because together we are responsible for the upbringing and development of your child. We inform you during parental meetings about the development and functioning of your child. We always work based on a specific theme and make sure that this fits in with our age-related and development-focused activities. Children are offered various assignments and activities per theme. When we have finished a theme, the children will take home their self-made works.

At the high table, the children have a good overview of the group, while they do arts and crafts, read, or play a game. There are different play corners and there is plenty of arts and crafts material available which the children are always allowed to use. During the afternoon, the little ones take a nap in the bedroom. There is singing and reading aloud every day. The activities may differ daily, because the children are always allowed to choose an activity themselves. We paint, clay, do arts and crafts or carry out other activities that stimulate creative thinking.

Playing outdoors

Regardless of good or bad weather, we go outdoors for a while every day. When the weather is nice, we can be found at the outdoor playing area for almost the entire afternoon; when the weather is bad, we go outside for a breath of fresh air anyway. Playing outdoors is an important part of the day for us. Our spacious, green outdoor terrain is designed according to the principles of natural outdoor playing. This means that the children will discover nature while we encourage physical exercise. Children are able to run, ride a bicycle, or play on the swing or seesaw. There is a horse manege next to our day-care centre, where there are many, many horses grazing the pasture, a beautiful picture for our daily enjoyment. The toddlers have access to their own shed full of tractors, bicycles, push cars, tricycles, goals, football, sandbox toys and much more fun playing material.

3+ group Berkhout

When they are three years old, children will go through a little developmental leap. They want to be challenged and play together more. A great need will arise to ‘learn’ more and to acquire certain skills. The children want to be taken seriously about this desire. At this age they increasingly notice the world around them and they have a growing desire to understand it. They practice all kinds of actions they see around them daily by role playing, such as buying something in a shop or going to the doctor’s.

For children aged 3 years and older in day-care centre Gepetto and playgroup de Berkabouter, but also for children in other day-care centres or playgroups who are registered at the Geert Holleschool, SKiK offers an extra daily period on the Wednesday morning, for a perfect preparation to primary school!

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