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Geert Holle | Lunchtime care

SKiK offers lunchtime care at the Geert Holleschool on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

SKiK’s priority is a safe and secure environment where the child can stay over during lunchtime and eat and drink in a relaxed atmosphere. In order to safeguard this, the lunchtime care is organised in a structured manner.

SKiK assumes that you provide your child with a responsible lunch package. SKiK takes care of tea, milk products and water. If your child would rather like to drink something else, you could pack this to bring along. Carbonated drinks are not allowed. Eating candy is allowed within limits. There are clear rules and agreements about hygiene, behaviour when seated at the table, table manners and social interaction. Eating and drinking is supposed to be a social and especially pleasant activity. This is why a child will never forced to eat, but will be encouraged to do so.

The charge for regular lunchtime care days is € 3,35 per child per day.
The charge for a multi-ticket for 5 or 10 visits is € 4,10 per visit.

We would like to ask you to inform your child’s teacher that your child will be staying over. It is important that the teacher knows on which days you will not pick up your child because it is staying for lunchtime care.


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