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Costs of childcare

With our offer we hope to make it easier for you to combine your job with the care for your child(ren). We would like to offer you advice, free of engagement. Our charges are the following:

day-care centre (DCC)
out-of-school care (OSC)
lunchtime care

The government helps to alleviate the costs of child care through a child care allowance. Parents have a right to child care allowance when they are both working, pursuing an education, are following a trajectory from one profession to another or when they are following a citizenship course. The allowance depends on the taxable family income. The government contribution is higher for the second and the following child than for the first one. The first child, in this case, is the one with the highest amount of care hours.

Parents who need child care for social-medical reasons, can contact their local authority.

The rural district of Koggenland helps to alleviate the costs of the playgroup for parents who have no right to child care allowance and/or in the case of a child with a VVE-indication. Click here for more information.

See for more information. You can also calculate the amount of the allowance provisionally.

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