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SKiK offers childminding by host-parents to meet any needs for flexible care, such as care on varying days and hours, in the evenings and during the weekends. By offering childminding, SKiK provides a total package: we provide childcare on predominantly fixed days in day-care centres, while we provide flexible care by host-parents.
There are places available for children aged 10 weeks old until they reach the end of primary school.

Host-parent agency Pinokkio gets its name because of its connection to the location Pinokkio.

Host-parent care will be mediated by an employee of the agency, the intermediary. In the area of Koggenland, she brings together the parents making the request (parents looking for childminders) and host-parents (people who offer paid childminding at their own homes or at the home of the requesting parent). The childcare could vary between a few hours per day or per week, and whole days, nights and weekends.

Quality and supervision

  • The host-parents and their home need to meet certain requirements.
  • The host-parents will be supervised by an intermediary.
  • The host-parent works according to the childcare policy of the host-parent agency and receives, as a way of support, a folder for host-parents that contains the required policy documents and protocols.
  • Every host-parent has a valid degree and is offered yearly training.
  • Every host-parent has a certificate of conduct (Verklaring omtrent gedrag, VOG).
  • When host-parents as well as their homes meet all lawful requirements, they are allowed to register for the national childcare database and receive a personal registration number.

Click here for the most recent GGD-raport (Dutch only).

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